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Historical Roots of Traditional Martial Arts

Traditional martial arts, as a cultural treasure of China, its origin is traced back to ancient times, when martial arts were applied in real wars. Rooted in philosophy, discipline, and self-defense, it has evolved into a holistic practice that embodies physical prowess and mental fortitude. Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of martial arts history, laying the foundation for your journey into the world of Kung Fu.

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Xinglin Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Academy


Xingling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy is situated at the Erzu Temple, a branch of the original Shaolin Temple, located in the Sikong Mountain scenic area in Anhui, China. It serves as a beacon of excellence in martial arts, preserving the spirit of Kung Fu. The academy is not merely an educational institution; it is a sacred place dedicated to upholding tradition and promoting the essence of Kung Fu. Our commitment to authenticity and excellence has established us as the best Kung Fu school in China.

At Xinglin Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, you can immerse yourself in the most traditional and authentic Chinese martial arts and culture within a Buddhist temple setting.

Our curriculum encompasses a variety of martial arts styles, including Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Animal Fist, Soft Qigong, Hard Qigong, Sanda & Qinna, and Baji Quan. This ensures comprehensive and well-rounded martial arts techniques tailored to your preferences. From the flowing movements of Tai Chi to the explosiveness of Wing Chun, each style reflects the unique charm of martial arts Kung Fu and the diversity within the realm of Kung Fu.

Renowned Instructors


At the core of our academy’s success are our revered instructors, each a living testament to the artistry and skill of Kung Fu. Having trained in ancient traditions with a wealth of experience, our instructors are dedicated to imparting their knowledge and guiding you on your personal journey toward martial arts mastery.

Master Shi Xinglin, aged 41, stands as the 32nd generation Shaolin warrior monk from the renowned Shaolin Temple, renowned for his dedication to offering authentic training on real and traditional Kung Fu. He holds an esteemed National Rank Eight as an advanced traditional martial arts instructor. With over three decades of experience in both practicing and teaching martial arts, he has achieved the highest coaching accreditation, earning the title of Advanced Coach in Traditional Martial Arts.

Master Shi Xing Lin 3
Master Shi Xing Lin 1

Kung Fu School Location and Facilities

Our training and living quarters are situated at the Erzu Temple ( Second Ancestor Temple), a branch of the original Shaolin Temple located on Mount Song in Henan Province, China—an area known for its scenic beauty. Within the Shaolin Temple scenic area lies the First Ancestor’s Temple.

Positioned in the primary mountain of Chinese Zen Buddhism, Siskong Mountain, our training camp spans an expansive 90,000 square meters. This special location offers a distinct environment, allowing students to immerse themselves in a unique atmosphere, absorbing the essence of Qi and Kung Fu while achieving inner tranquility.

Second Ancestor Temple 1

The temple is equipped with comprehensive training facilities, including training halls, fitness equipment, meditation halls, tea rooms, multimedia classrooms, and a library. We have access to the temple grounds and all facilities on the mountainside behind the temple for our daily training sessions.

Soft Qigong
free temple meditation 2

Kung Fu School Training Methods

Keeping to the point of inheriting and developing the traditional Chinese fine culture, our training methodology allows participants to be fully immersed in the lifestyle of a Shaolin monk. Beyond instructing traditional forms, we also emphasize practical combat techniques deeply rooted in Chinese history.
We customize training plans according to the principles of Kung Fu practice levels in traditional training.

  • 1 week – 2 months:

This phase focuses on improving flexibility, speed, strength, agility, coordination, and physical endurance. Activities include running, targeted stretching, kicking, punching, stability training with stances like horse stance, bow stance, squat stance, single-leg stance, and foundational theories of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Kung Fu School Training Methods
  • 3-6 months:

After completing basic training, the complexity and intensity of exercises increase. It is essential to continue foundational exercises to enhance physical fitness. Students delve into the theories of Shaolin Kung Fu for a deeper understanding of the martial arts.

training of 3 to 6 months 4
  • 7-11 months:

At this stage, training builds upon a solid foundation, emphasizing precision in executing each move, coordination of eyes, hands, body, and footwork, along with the internal synchronization of spirit, energy, breath, and strength.

training of 7 to 11 months 1
  • 1 year:

During this period, participants discover Kung Fu practice methods that align with their strengths. Through these methods, they gain a profound understanding of the essence and deeper meaning of Kung Fu cultivation.

training of 1 year 1

Student Reviews of Kung Fu School

At Xinglin Shaolin Kung Fu School, numerous individuals have gained insights into the essence of Kung Fu. Our impact extends beyond the realm of Shaolin martial arts, fostering a healthier lifestyle, character development, and inner tranquility—ultimately guiding individuals toward becoming their optimal selves. Consequently, 30% of our students choose to return for further Kung Fu studies, and we have received positive reviews from students worldwide.

reviews from Group From Exeter University 1
reviews from Kathryn Cheeseman 2


In conclusion, Xinglin Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Academy welcomes you to join an elite group of people that have done beyond their dreams to live in the ancient ways of Kung Fu. Embark on this journey of self-discovery, immerse yourself in the historical roots of Kung Fu, and learn outstanding martial arts at the pinnacle of traditional training in China!

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