Training Schedule

Below is an outline of the main daily training under master’s instructions. Class times change slightly with the seasons.

Training lessons include Shaolin basics, Shaolin forms & applications, sparring, acrobatics jumps and rolls, Wing Chun, San Da, Qin Na, Tai Chi, Qigong, conditioning, power training, Ba Ji Quan, power stretching, etc.

Culture classes include Chinese Medical Acupuncture and Massage, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Tea Ceremony, etc.

You can choose to do daily Meditation sessions with monks in the Magnificent Hall as optional courses.

There are also various Buddhist ceremonies during festivals.

8:30- 10:00TrainingTrainingTrainingTrainingTraining
14:30-16:00TrainingTrainingTrainingTrainingTheory/Free Training
16:20-17:20TrainingTrainingTrainingTrainingCulture/Free Training
19:00-19:40Mandarin Mandarin  
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