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Our academy accepts students whose age ranges from 10 to 65 years old. Students younger than 16 years old are accepted if they are accompanied with their parents or older relatives.
We teach not only traditional forms but also practical combat(fighting) techniques that originated and delivered from Chinese history. Please don’t worry about your pervious kungfu experience because many students are total beginners before they arrive. Our training is individually customized, our masters make training plan according to student’s own kungfu experience, physical conditions and his/her own training goals. What most needed are your dedication and positive attitude.
We are constantly engaged in providing unique opportunities in motivating character development during training. We are devoted to satisfy every student’s needs towards kungfu training.
Training plans are based on principles of kungfu practice levels in accordance with traditional training, in which training of the heart is the highest level that guides all.  We offer training courses from one day to years.

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This is a period to get ageneral idea of Shaolin Kungfu, and to feel about methods of kungfu practice.


After primary level of training, the difficulty and intensity of training will increase. In this period, you must continue training basics, and improve physical constitution.


This level of training is based on the solid foundation of basics, which emphasizes more on the accuracy of every move, coordination of eyes, hands, body, and steps of the external,and spirit, energy, qi, and force of the internal.


In this level, you will find out methods of kungfu practice that suits your advantages, with which, you can understand the essence and connotation of kungfu cultivation better.

As the quintessence of Chinese culture, learning of Shaolin kungfu is endless. It deserves devotion of one’s lifetime. Only through hard work, can every student achieve his or her goals.

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