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 We attach great importance to food quality at our academy and see it as a major factor to good training. We plant organic food in outr temple farms, “fron farm to table” and we carry on rational diet principle and the food is cooked under fitness regimen to let you experience the most healthy lifestyle of monks.  The healthy vegetarian food offered include vegitables, fruit, toufu, eggs, rice, bread, soup, etc. We also offer Chinese dumplings, noodles, or special local food at least once a week. There is Buddhist cuisine ceremony in the dinning hall that you can attend with monks following their eating habits and etiquette. If you have specific requirements such as intolerance and specific allergies, please do let us know. Food can be catered according to student’s eating habit.

The academy organizes parties in the tea room for students to relax themselves, with snacks and drinks, and it’s free of charge. You are able to drink various Chinese tea of top grade in the tea room.


It is very convenient to live in the temple with free Wi-Fi covering the whole temple area, laundry room with automatic washing machine, etc.

There are shared room (two or three persons room) and private single room for students’ choice. All rooms have private toilet and hot shower, air conditioning, power sockets and free Internet. There are extra mattress, pillows and blankets available.

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