Xinglin Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

----An Authentic Martial Arts Academy in China

Fully Immersed in the Lifestyle

---Temple Meditation & Buddhist Ceremonies
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 Learn Most Original Kung Fu Styles

with masters of authentic lineage

Learn Traditional Kung Fu Under Warrior Monks in Grounds of Buddhist Temple

Traditional Kung Fu is about lifestyle, fitness, cultivation, and mentality. Our academy engages in developing comprehensive traditional martial arts skills of students from all around the world. Our masters motivate students to realize full potential, achieve inner peace and tranquility, and to be the best of oneself. Located at prestigious Buddhist Temple—-Er Zu Temple(2nd Ancestor Temple), our academy is provided with Buddhist atmosphere to allow you to feel the essence of kung fu, cultivate yourself, and absorb the chi.We offer training on Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Wing Chun, Sanda, Bajiquan for students of ALL SKILL LEVELS.


Cultivate your mind and soul

training plan

Training Plan

Scientific training plans personally adjusted for individuals according to their training process and aims...

Certificate Upon Completion

Completion Certificate, Master Certificate and Ranking Certificate are available based on the length of...

Location in Second Ancestor Temple

Located in Sikong Mountain, the First Mountain of Chan Zong(Chinese Zen). Er Zu Temple, whose name...

Temple Meditation & Buddhist Ceremony

Enriching Cultural Life at Our Academy


Stop waiting and go beyond your dreams!

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