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What is Chi Kung

In Chinese traditional culture and Chinese medicine, it is “Yuan Chi” (Yuan Qi) that plays the vital role in human physical and mental transformation and that protects people from diseases. Chi(Qi) refers to the energy in human body, and Chi Kung involves various ingredients of practices, among which, accumulating, circulating, and working with Chi, are the common methods.

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In East Han Dynasty (25-220), the highly-skilled doctor Hua Tuo combined traditional Chinese medicine with acupuncture points of human body, and invented the health care Chi Kung Wu Qin Xi (five-animal exercises), an exercise imitated form and shape of five different animals.
In late Tang (618-907) and early Song (960-1279)Dynasties (over 800 years ago), honorable Shaolin monk Ling Qiu created healthcare Chi Kung Ba Duan Jin (consisted of eight different moves). The form is one of the earliest Chi Kung forms and also the most widely spread one in China.
Apart from Wu Qin Xi and Ba Duan Jin, we also teach Qigong forms like Yi Jin Jing, Liu Zi Jue, etc.

Qigong Styles

Mainly there are two styles of Shaolin Qigong,Neigong(Soft Qigong), and Waigong(Hard Qigong).

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Neigong mostly refers tomeditation, and it is a way to cultivate one’s mind. It uses four postures, walking(moves), standing, sitting, and lying, to combine the practicing of mind and breathing. One’s mind has to be peaceful, body comfortable and relaxed; taking control of your breathing, in that way, Qi can be working under control of the mind.

Regular practice leads to a healthier body and recognition of its ability and the inner energy you possess. The benefits are of varied aspects, such as curing illness, enhancing vitality, promoting longevity, cultivating the mind, anti-aging, and increasing internal force. Practicing Qigong is also an effective means to intervene psychological problems.

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Waigong refers in particular to Hard Chi Kung, which is actually a combination of Neigong and Waigong. By conditioning of some bodyparts (head, hands, arms, and legs), the suffertibility of the body will be improved, which is the Waigong part. In addition to the Chi working of Neigong, this can protect internal organs from being hurt.

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