Xinglin Academy 10th Anniversary Best Offer

Tuition Fee ---- 20% OFF
* This best offer is valid for application confirmation date from December 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024. Any arrival date in the year 2024 is available. Please contact us to get the limited places.

You can train from 1 day up to years. It all depends on your own goals.
Total School Fee = Application Fee + Tuition Fee

Application Fee

The application fee is 150 USD, paid before arrival.

The deposit is received signifying the commitment from the student and for the academy to guarantee a place at the academy, send the documents to help with the visa application, and arrange the car pick-up.  Application fee is non-refundable.

Tuition Fee

Monthly Price Structure (20% Off)

1 Month900×1$900   $720
2 Months880×2$1760   $1408
3 Months860×3$2580   $2064
4 Months840×4$3360   $2688
5 Months820×5$4100   $3280
6 Months800×6$4800   $3840
7 Months770×7$5390   $4312
8 Months730×8$5840   $4672
9 Months690×9$6210   $4968
10 Months650×10$6500   $5200
11 Months610×11$6710   $5368
12 Months570×12$6840   $5472

Weekly Price Structure (No Discount)

1 WEEK $460
2 WEEK $600
3 WEEK $700
4 WEEK $720

Daily Price Structure (No Discount)

1 DAY$80
2 DAYS$160
3 DAYS$240
4 DAYS$320
5 DAYS$400

Group students will enjoy a discount according to how many people in the group and how long they will stay.
Returning students will benefit of discount according to the length of their stays.

1. Full training timetable
2. Use of academy training equipments and facilities
3. Shared room(two or three persons room) with private toilet 
4. Air-conditioning use
5. Food (3 meals per day, 7 days per week)
6. Theory and culture classes
7. Buddhist Ceremonies and special events if applicable
8. WiFi
9. Certificate of completion (available on student’s requirement)
10. Bedding, extra blankets, extra pillows
11. Car pick-up from local city Yuexi

1. Visa application and extention fees
2. Flight tickets
3. Insurance
4. Private single accommodation with private toilet&air-conditioning (will require an additional fee of 300 USD/month)
5. Extra training hours in addition to normal schedule (will require an additional 300 RMB/hour)
6. Extra theory hours in addition to normal schedule (will require an additional 300 RMB/hour)
7. Translator service, such as hospital visits (will require an additional 100 RMB/hour)
8. Airport and train station pick-up (will require an additional fee of 150 USD from Wuhan airport, 160 USD from Hefei airport, 100 USD from Anqing train station)


There is no additional cost. There is no hidden fees or other general costs from the academy.

You can get refund If you decide to leave the academy earlier than planned, you can get a refund of the school fee according to the time you have stayed. Application fee is non-refundable.

Students planning to stay for 2 months or longer have one week’s time to do the payment after arrival.

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