martial arts discipleship


Shifu Shi Xing Lin is 32nd generation Shaolin warrior monk, which is a very high generation in Shaolin lineage that has been able to receive the most traditional warrior monk training in Shaolin Temple. By becoming Shifu Shi Xing Lin’s disciple, one will be a 33rd generation Shaolin warrior monk (with middle name “Yong” the generation) issued with an official monk certification, and there will be a special ceremony with Shifu Shi Xing Lin and all other students.


The roots of discipleship come from the Confucianism tradition. Discipleship is an exceptional relationship between master and disciple, full of ritual and meaning. Under discipleship, a unique bond and lineage of ancestors are created between the master and the disciple. The disciple becomes a family member. Discipleship is acceptable for everyone regardless of culture, religion or ethnicity.
The disciple represents the School and the Shifu in the public eye. During Discipleship, Martial Virtue is always upheld. Before a student becomes a disciple, he/she must earn the respect and trust of his Shifu. It must be proved that the student who may become a disciple is honourable, loyal, reliable and has total faith in the School and his Shifu.

As a Disciple, one becomes part of the lineage of the Master to carry on his morals, traditions, and training, which is a sacred position. A Discipleship will be usually considered after 1 year of training with Shifu. The decision is based on character, training and general performance. A disciple abandons selfish thoughts and dedicates his Martial Arts practice to this culture and to others. One must always put the Martial Arts, the Ancestors, Shifu, and Kung Fu brothers and sisters first, and ready to help others and being proactive. One should get involved in the Temple life by helping the monks and nuns with events and daily activities. One can take part as an assistant coach in teaching beginner classes when shifu permits.

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