Animal Fist

Know More About Animal Fist Through Kungfu Panda

Ⅰ. Know about Kung Fu Panda   “Kung Fu Panda” is a beloved animated film series produced by DreamWorks Animation, known for its engaging story, humor, and unique take on martial arts. The series introduces audiences to various martial arts styles, particularly those inspired by the movements and characteristics of

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6 Breathing Methods of Chi Kung (Hard Qigong & Soft Qigong)

Natural Breathing Inhale nose and exhale mouth Breathe loudly Regular breath Practice breathing Abdominal Breathing Ⅰ Introduction of Chi Kung (Shaolin Kung Fu Qigong)   Chi Kung, also known as qigong, in traditional Chinese culture and traditional Chinese medicine, “Yuan Chi” plays a vital role in the transformation of the

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Tai Chi

8 Styles of Kung Fu

Introduction to Kung Fu Kung Fu, or Wushu, extends beyond being just a physical endeavor; it is a lifestyle deeply rooted in Chinese culture. With a history that spans millennia, Kung Fu has transformed into a holistic system encompassing self-defense, physical well-being, and spiritual growth. 1. Shaolin Kung Fu Origin

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Sanda 2

How to Choose the Right Kung Fu Style?

Step 1: Confirm the purpose of learning Kung Fu Step 2: Understand kung fu styles Step 3: Confirm physical fitness to adapt to different kung fu styles Step 4: Seek assistance Step 5: Contact us to try classes With its ancient history and diverse styles, Kung Fu attracts people to

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Madalina Radu

Learn Outstanding Kung Fu at the Best Kung Fu School in China!

Historical Roots of Traditional Martial Arts Traditional martial arts, as a cultural treasure of China, its origin is traced back to ancient times, when martial arts were applied in real wars. Rooted in philosophy, discipline, and self-defense, it has evolved into a holistic practice that embodies physical prowess and mental

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training of 1 year 1

Best Chinese Martial Arts Academy in 2024

Nestled within the ancient tapestry of Chinese culture, where the art of combat intertwines with philosophy and tradition, China’s premier martial arts academies emerge as beacons of excellence. Numerous martial arts academies across the country continue to preserve and promote these ancient traditions. Join us as we explore China’s premier

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Chinese Calligraphy classes 1

Calligraphy is an Art

Our students had one lesson of Chinese Calligraphy with the monks’ instructions. They started from the simple strokes to complete Chinese character. It’s such an enjoyable experience!

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Transmission Ceremony

LampTransmission Ceremony

Our students were lucky to take part in the Lamp Transmission Ceremony here at Er Zu Temple. We started to transmit the lamps in the afternoon, and the lamps were on whole night. Our student Ollie was honored to be the first one who handed over the lamp from the

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Birthday of Sakyamuni

Birthday of Sakyamuni(the first Buddha) is a very important festival in Buddhism. Our students have experienced the bathing ceremony on this festival. It’s a precious opportunity because people who attend this ceremony are luckily blessed.

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