Kung Fu School Training Methods

What is the difference between Baji Quan and Shaolin Kung Fu?

Chinese martial arts, commonly referred to as Kung Fu, encompass a variety of fighting styles developed over centuries. Both Baji Quan and Shaolin Kung Fu are traditional Chinese martial arts, but they have distinct characteristics, histories, and techniques. Ba Ji Quan Bajiquan, also known as “Eight Limbs Fist”, or “Eight

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chinese sword martial arts

How to Practice Chinese Sword Martial Arts

Chinese sword martial arts originated in ancient China and are a symbol of Chinese martial arts tradition and mastery. Swords are generally lightweight and flexible, emphasizing speed and agility rather than brute force. From fighting tactics in the beginning to honing physical skills now, Chinese sword martial arts are still

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Kung Fu Spirit

Exploring Chinese Sword Martial Arts

Chinese sword martial arts is a fascinating and complex component of traditional Chinese martial arts. Chinese swordsmanship combines elements of philosophy, aesthetics and physical skill, and has been refined over centuries to become a profound expression of martial prowess and artistic beauty. In this article, we’ll explore the historical, technical,

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training of 3 to 6 months 2

From Shaolin to Wudang, Exploring Chinese Faction Martial Arts

Martial arts is not just about combat skills, it’s also a profound philosophy and way of life. In this exploration, we delve into the richness of Chinese sectarian martial arts, tracing their origins, philosophies, and modern influences. It is crucial to explore different martial arts styles, as each style has

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Hard Qigong 11

How to Perform Hard Qigong Training?

Hard Qigong, also known as “External Qigong(Waigong)”, is a type of traditional Chinese martial art. Perhaps superficially different from Soft Qigong, or Inner Qigong(Neigong), which focuses on cultivating Qi (life energy) internally through gentle movement and meditation, Hard Qigong emphasizes the development of physical strength, resilience, and the outward expression

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Tiger Fist

Which Animal Fist Should You Choose?

Ⅰ. Introduction of Animal Fist Animal fist, also referred to as imitation fist, is a style of martial arts that mimics the movements and behaviors of various animals. Shaolin monks observe the fighting styles and postures of animals, then replicate these in their own movements and strikes. There exists a

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What is the difference between hard qigong and soft qigong?

Introduction of Qigong Qigong, a martial art renowned for fortifying the body, nurturing vitality, and promoting longevity, has emerged as a prominent fixture among traditional Chinese exercises. Drawing from ancient Chinese medicine, martial arts, and philosophy, Qigong encompasses a regimen of rhythmic movements, concentrated breathing techniques, and meditative practices. At

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Tai Chi

How do I Start Tai Chi Course?

Embarking on a Tai Chi course is frequently viewed as a significant move towards nurturing overall well-being, enhancing physical and mental health. Here’s an elaborate manual to begin your Tai Chi journey: Ⅰ. Brief History and Origin of Tai Chi Tai Chi, alternatively known as Taijiquan, stands as an ancient Chinese martial

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Animal Fist

Know More About Animal Fist Through Kungfu Panda

Ⅰ. Know about Kung Fu Panda   “Kung Fu Panda” is a beloved animated film series produced by DreamWorks Animation, known for its engaging story, humor, and unique take on martial arts. The series introduces audiences to various martial arts styles, particularly those inspired by the movements and characteristics of

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6 Breathing Methods of Chi Kung (Hard Qigong & Soft Qigong)

Natural Breathing Inhale nose and exhale mouth Breathe loudly Regular breath Practice breathing Abdominal Breathing Ⅰ Introduction of Chi Kung (Shaolin Kung Fu Qigong)   Chi Kung, also known as qigong, in traditional Chinese culture and traditional Chinese medicine, “Yuan Chi” plays a vital role in the transformation of the

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Tai Chi

8 Styles of Kung Fu

Introduction to Kung Fu Kung Fu, or Wushu, extends beyond being just a physical endeavor; it is a lifestyle deeply rooted in Chinese culture. With a history that spans millennia, Kung Fu has transformed into a holistic system encompassing self-defense, physical well-being, and spiritual growth. 1. Shaolin Kung Fu Origin

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