Traditional Kung Fu Training in China

● Original Training in Buddhist Temple
● Personalized Training Plan for All Skill Levels
● Buddhist Ceremony & Temple Meditation
● Master & Completion Certificate
● 30% of Students Come Back

Xinglin Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

Our Shaolin Kung Fu academy engages in developing comprehensive traditional martial arts skills of students from all around the world. We offer martial arts training on Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Wing Chun, Sanda, Qinna, and Bajiquan for students of ALL SKILL LEVELS. Located at the prestigious Buddhist Temple—Er Zu Temple(2nd Ancestor Temple), our academy is provided with perfect atmosphere to give best Kung Fu and culture experience of a lifetime.

 Learn Most Original Kung Fu Styles

Train with 32nd generation warrior monks at one of the top kung fu schools in China


Training plans are based on principles of kung fu practice levels in accordance with traditional training, in which training of the heart is the highest level that guides all. Please don’t worry if you have no foundation, our authentic masters will guide you to realize the following:


Stop waiting and go beyond your dreams!


Application Process

STEP 1 Send us the Application Form completed via e-mail or on our school wesite. Students must disclose all medical issues.

STEP 2 Pay the application fee of 150 USD through international bank transfer or PayPal.

STEP 3 Receive documents for your trip, invitation letter for visa application, guidance information for organizing your trip.

STEP 4 Get your visa from the nearest Chinese embassy with the invitation letter. Organize your arrival: clothing, VPN, insurance, emergency contact, etc.
STEP 5 Get in touch with the Temple for your arrival. Travel to the Temple. Prepare your tuition.

STEP 6 Arrive at the Temple. The accommodation is assigned, receive timetable and instructions. Tuition is cleared in full.

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