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We train in grounds of Second Ancestor Temple (Erzu Temple), which is a branch of the original Shaolin Temple — Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan province. Within the scenic area of Shaolin Temple, there is situated First Ancestor (Bhudidamo) Temple.
In Lixue (stand in snow) Pavilion of Shaolin Temple, there is a writing “xue yin xin zhu” hanging above the Bhudidamo statue with Second Ancestor Hui Ke standing by his side. In which xue is snow, yin is sealed or verified, xin is heart, and zhu is pearl or bead. xin zhu is also a Buddhist terminology, saying the mind is as pure as a pearl. This is to say that Hui Ke’s absolute sincerity and mind is as pure as the snow.


Here is the most famous story of Hui Ke, who is knowledgeable in Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, and becomes a Buddhist monk. He hears sacred deeds about Bhudidamo(Bodhidharma) and follows him all through his meditation in the cave in Shaolin Temple for nine years. Bhudidamo is extremely strict with selecting his successor. On a freezing snowy winter day, Hui Ke asks his master again: “Shifu, when would you start to teach me indeed?” Damo smiles and says: “on the day we have red snow.” Kui Ke understands it immediately and in order to show his determination he cut his left arm off. He lets the blood flow in the snow, during which time, he bears so much pain. After he sees the snow is all covered in red, he tells his master happily: “we have red snow now, will you teach me seriously?” This behavior finally touches and persuades Damo.
Hui Ke later inherits Damo’s Buddhism Chan spirit and delivers Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu at Second Ancestor Temple, which is now our school location.

Located in Sikong Mountain, the First Mountain of Chan Zong(Chinese Zen). Er Zu Temple, whose name meaning Second Ancestor Temple, has a history of over 1500 years. It covers an area of 90,000 square meters, which offers a unique environment allowing students to enjoy the special atmosphere and absorb the essence of Chi(Qi) and Kung Fu. and achieve inner peace.
There are sacred Buddhist halls at the temple where you can offer incense and pray, and there is a special meditation hall to do everyday meditation and cultivate yourself.

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